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Thursday, 10 January 2008

A Tribe Called Quest - Fiascogate Issue

So Lupe claims not to have heard this album and has been a victim of fellow bloggers - labeling the issue "Fiascogate" - probably after the Watergate scandal or something - didn't bother researching on it. But anyway, so Lupe think Quest ain't that good - after forgetting their lyrics on the VH1 Hiphop Honours Award ceremony - and goes on about how he never listened to them (okay forgiven-bt then again hw can he say they ain't that good), and is not going to (ummmm - aint that going a bit too far)? Lemme just say dude ain't known for his hiphop judging abilities so he can be forgiven - especially after giving us The Cool - which if he manages to brush off this controversy, could become a hiphop classic. Dude should however learn to be a little polite and accept wrong. Fans are forgiving - but when you attack Quest? Midnight Marauders dude...come on!! Just listen to it and you'll know what the fuss is about.


1. Midnight Marauders Tour Guide
2. Steve Biko (Stir It Up)
3. Award Tour
4. 8 Million Stories
5. Sucka Nigga
6. Midnight
7. We Can Get Down
8. Electric Relaxation
9. Clap Your Hands
10. Oh My God
11. Keep It Rollin'
12. The Chase, Part ll
13. Lyrics To Go
14. God Lives Through



THE Hip-Hop Nerd said...

Lupe NEVER said Tribe wasn't that good. Yes, he forgot the lyrics to "Electric Relaxation" at the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors show. Yes, he said he has never heard Midnight Marauders all the way thru and has no interest in doing so. But never once did he say that ATCQ wasn't that good.

yungtj said...

“Those hip hop elitists who think [Tribe] hold the crown and the copyright to hip hop,” he says. “I listen to 8Ball & MJG and I think they’re better than you [Tribe].”
he did - during his interview and insisted he wouldn't listen to them - two and two together....

how you gon' judge wa u don't know?

THE Hip-Hop Nerd said...

1) It seems to me (and this is strictly opinion) that whoever conducted the interview took what Lupe said wrong and tacked on that [Tribe] to imply Lupe was saying 8Ball & MJG were better than Tribe when it seems that he was moreso saying that Ball & MJG were better than the Hip-Hop elitists...but that's a personal opinion.

2) Even if he did say that 8Ball & MJG are better than Tribe, that's a personal opinion and he's obligated to have one.

3) It's faulty logic to assume that because he said one group is better than the other that he's saying Tribe "isn't that good." If he were to say 8Ball & MJG were better than Tribe and he already held a low opinion of 8Ball & MJG's music, then that might make sense. But he obviously holds 8Ball & MJG in high regard, and he's of the opinion (based on limited knowledge, granted) that they're better than Tribe.

4) Even if he did say Tribe wasn't that good (which he didn't) once again, it's an opinion. There are plenty of people that don't like highly respected artists for one reason or another, whether it be their upbringing, personal taste in music, etc.

We can't expect everybody to have heard every Hip-Hop album that ever existed, even if it is considered a "classic." And more than that, we can't expect everyone to hold the same opinions even if they are popular ones. Hip-Hop, and the world at large, would be boring if we did.

Aight? peace

yungtj said...

50 thinks he the greatest rapper alive - as does Weezy - that's an opinion...should we just sit and take that as everyone is entitled to their opinion??????

Yes he did say they wasnt dat gud.

Yes no1 has heard every single album in hiphop - but, if you're told of a classic - you don't try and save face and go on to say you aren't going to listen to it...
Why you performed their track then if they aren't so interesting? How can 8Ball & MJG be betta than ATCQ if u hvnt listened to ATCQ - HONESTLY - all sense says dat - if you wanna judge - Listen first.

Lupe's one of my favourite rappers - currently top5 no doubt - however - when one makes a mistake-its better to swallow your pride and admit and apologize for forgetting ATCQ's lyrics - because in the hiphop world - you're nobody compared to them..

The morale of the story - when u wrong, you're wrong..period. You arent big enuff yet to b let go wivout an apology after forgetting lyrics.The likes of Nas are...
admission of guilt instead f being all defensive!

NOTE:He aint being attacked for not listening to ATCQ - he being attacked for his reaction. Say sorry, i messd up...and errbody moves on...

THE Hip-Hop Nerd said...

EVERY rapper thinks they're the best...that's just a part of Hip-Hop. Being emcee is all about ego.

Granted, Lupe handled that situation HORRIBLY. It was a childish response to say that he would never listen to the album just because people attacked him for it. But it's also a very human response to get defensive like that. It doesn't make it right, but it just is what it is. Of course he could've handled the situation better, apologized, took the L, and moved on. But he didn't. Ultimately, what does it matter? If we stopped supporting ever rapper that made stupid decisions, then Hip-Hop wouldn't exist...

And yes his opinion that 8Ball & MJG are better than Tribe is based off limited knowledge, as I alluded to, but he NEVER SAID Tribe wasn't that good. That's just faulty logic. It didn't happen.

Aight? Peace

yungtj said...

some things we need to put two and two together to get what he meant.If you say you aren't gonnalisten to somefn means you do not think its worth listening to-cuz if you though it was - you would give it a go...So, amybe he may not have said it in those word, he assumed it. No1 said stop listening to him..I buy his album personally. The moral of the issue was that Lupe should juss admit his guilt - my and many other people's(majority) opinion!
So-it's not about not supporting it-dat would be dumb, cuz well-we all know wat a lil bit of weed and alcohol does to rappers.
It's all about keeping your "Cool", not throwing tantrums and admitting wrong.

THE Hip-Hop Nerd said...

That's still faulty logic...you're implying things from his statement that simply can not be implied. Just because someone doesn't have any interest in hearing something doesn't necessarily mean they think it's bad. It means they don't think they'll enjoy it. BIG difference.

I have no interest in listening to classical music. Doesn't mean I think the music is horrible, I just don't think it'll suite my particular taste.

It's a matter of personal preference...

Aight? Peace

yungtj said...

but c - dats wa it is. If you ain't listened to Classical Music then you dunno wat it is and therefore don't know whether you gon like it or not. ATCQ'z music is juss like Lupe's - wonder why he wouldn't like it..